Section 1 - Organisation Information

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Organisation Detail

* Organisation Name:
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Primary Contact Details

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Section 2 - Invoicing Information

Invoice Contact Details (If Different from "Organisation Information")


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Section 3 - Assessment Information

Your Contracts

* Please provide an overview of ALL the contracts the legal entity coming forward for assessment is delivering with the support of Supply Chain Partners.

NB: This is ALL contracts, not just those mandated by a Commissioner such as DWP. (max 100 words):

Size of Your Supply Chain

Please indicate below the number of UK based Supply Chain Partners you have across ALL contracts:

* Number of Past SCPs:

The number of organisations who have left your Supply Chain(s) in the last 12 months including those who entered formal negotiations but did not conclude in a contract and those who had a contract which is now terminated.

* Number of Present SCPs:

The number of organisations who are currently members of your Supply Chain(s) with or without a contract or service level agreement being in place.

NB: If any of your Present SCPs subcontract out elements of your subcontract, then they are in scope so need to be included.

* Number of Potential SCPs:

The number of organisations with whom you have entered discussions / negotiations about the opportunities of joining your Supply Chain.

* Total Number of SCPs:

Delivery Sites/Locations

Please record below the main locations (Town / Counties / Contract Package Areas etc.) where the activity delivered by the Supply Chain Partners takes place.

* Number of Sites:

* Total Number of Locations:

* Please list postcodes of all locations:

Please Note: As part of your assessment planning you will need to provide your Merlin Lead Assessor with full details of your past, present and potential Supply Chain Partners including a contact email address – a proforma spreadsheet will be provided.

Your Staff

* Please provide details of the number, job roles and locations of all your staff involved in supporting / managing your Supply Chain(s)

Assessment Dates

* What is your preferred Assessment Date or Period?

Please provide details of any specific requirements / information you wish the Merlin Lead Assessor to be aware of:
This may include information regarding your organisation, the make up of your supply chain, delivery locations, specific interviewing requirements, security policy procedures etc

Section 4 - Additional Information

Where did you hear about the Merlin Standard?

Has your current legal entity been Accredited to the Merlin Standard before:

If yes; please provide the date of accreditation: Pick

Would you like the opportunity of having a new Merlin Lead Assessor?

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